maine principals association 2020 volleyball bulletin

The MPA Volleyball Bulletin clarifies and specifies certain items found or not found in the NFHS Off


The National Federation Volleyball Rules are official for all matches. In addition, the terms and conditions in this bulletin will govern all regular season and tournament matches as indicated. 

1. In all matches, the game shall consist of the best of five format using rally scoring. The game ends at 25 points (no cap) with the 5th game ending at 15 points (no cap). All games, within a match, must be won by two points. 

2. There shall be no “joint hitting” at any time prior to the match. Coin flips will occur at 25 minutes prior to the match with captains and coaches. Each team will be allowed to warm up (peppering, stretching, etc.) on its respective side of the court. At 15 minutes prior to the match start time, the serving team will be allowed the full court for hitting for 6 minutes. The receiving team will then be allowed the full court for 6 minutes. There shall be no joint serving with both teams on the court. 

3. Players shall not wear jewelry (including during pre-match warm-ups) with the exception of religious or medical medals. If such medals are worn, they shall be taped to the body under the uniform. Uniforms shall be worn as intended by manufacturers. 

4. Schools must use two officials from the Maine Association of Volleyball Officials. 

5. The formal official’s uniform for the State of Maine is that used for USA Volleyball (men’s collegiate and club play) and the NCAA, which is navy blue pants, certified official’s white shirt, white sneakers, and certified official’s white sweater (optional). 

6. There will be a major emphasis on the starting of the match immediately following the National Anthem. 

BONA FIDE TEAM RULE A member of a school team is a student athlete who is regularly present for and actively participates in team practices and competitions. Bona fide members of a school team are prevented from missing high school practice or competition to compete or practice elsewhere. * Two waivers per student athlete per sport season may be granted by the principal on a case-by-case basis for extraordinary circumstances. (e.g. If a student/athlete were invited to participate in a prestigious weekend event then a waiver may be granted. If a student/athlete were invited to participate in a nationally recognized tournament over a school vacation, then that waiver may be granted for that activity. If a request to miss practice every Friday because he/she is receiving specialized coaching from an outside team/coach, then a waiver should not be granted because it violates the spirit and intent of the rule.)  3 ** This policy is not intended to restrict dual sport participation in schools that allow dual participation. *** Penalty for violation of this policy: 1st Violation Suspension from play for one game/contest 2nd Violation Removal from team for remainder of season (Effective Date: 2019 Fall Sport Season) 

VIDEOTAPING: Only persons (including players’ relatives) connected with the two schools involved in a match may videotape the match live. All other videotaping by persons not connected to either school is considered unethical. 

SCOREKEEPERS AND LINE JUDGES: It is recommended that host schools train scorekeepers before the regular season begins in order to minimize scorekeeping errors in countable matches. In addition, it is recommended that host schools have scorekeepers and line judges report to the match site 25 minutes before the match begins so that they can meet with the officials and review their responsibilities. It is required that line judges are adults for all varsity matches. It is recommended that line judges use flags during the regular season. Schools are encouraged to have score tables that are handicapped-accessible. 

PENALTY CARD SYSTEM Please refer to National Federation Rule No. 12. 

EJECTION RULE In all team and individual sports (varsity or sub-varsity), ejection or disqualification from a game, meet, or match for unsportsmanlike behavior of any form, by a coach or a player shall result in the suspension of that player or coach. The coach or player ejected from a contest must sit out all contests at all levels until the coach or athlete completes the ejection penalty by sitting out the next game at the level from which he/she was ejected. This rule applies to a game, meet, or match suspended before completion as well as a completed contest. This penalty may not be served by sitting out an exhibition, sub-varsity, or other competition. Prior to their return to play any player ejected from a game must complete the NFHS “Sportsmanship” video that is available at the NFHS website ( A suspended coach may not be present at the game site. Not being physically present at the site means the disqualified coach is not to be present in the locker room, on the sidelines, in the stands, or site area before, during, or after the game/meet. Prior to their return to the sideline any coach ejected from a game must complete the NFHS “Teaching and Modeling Behavior” video that is available at the NFHS website ( Any coach or player ejected from the last game, meet, or contest of a sports season shall serve a one game suspension in the opening countable game, meet, or contest in the next varsity sport in which he/she participates. The coach/athlete may participate fully in the preseason prior to serving the one game suspension. Ejected players are required to view the NFHS Sportsmanship course before returning to play following sitting out a contest at the  4 This policy will not prevent standing committees from imposing more restrictive disciplinary action. (Effective Date: 1996-97 Winter Sport Season; Revised 2008, 2009) 

REPORTING REGULAR SEASON MATCH RESULTS Athletic administrators are responsible for the reporting of home games on the online reporting system ASAP following the match's completion. 

QUALIFICATION FOR INVITATIONAL VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT Two-thirds of the teams in each class are eligible for tournament play. Teams will be seeded for tournament play according to their finish in the Heal Point standings. If there is a tie in the final tournament seedings, the tie will be broken by the following process: 1. For all seeds excepting the last seed: a. the team with the better record head-to-head will be seeded higher. b. if the head-to-head record is equal, the winner of a coin flip held at the MPA office will be seeded higher. 2. For the last tournament seed: a. the team with the better record head-to-head will be awarded the final seed. b. if the head-to-head record is equal, a one match playoff will be held prior to the first round of the tournament. c. the winner of a coin flip at the MPA office will be the home team for the playoff match. Regional quarterfinals, semifinals and finals will be played at the higher seed or a mutually agreed upon site. 

SCHEDULE The submission of the Schedule Form due August 7, 2020, for fall 2020 competition, will constitute a school’s application for the state tournament. 

TEAM SIZE For all tournament matches, the number of players shall not exceed 18. No more than four (4) additional team personnel (coaches, players, managers, scorers, trainers etc.) That number shall not exceed twenty-two (22) overall. Team roster changes must be made on the online eligibility system. 

EQUIPMENT AND UNIFORMS All equipment and uniforms shall conform to the National Federation Rule Book. The tournament ball is the Molten IV58L. It will be a multi-colored ball leather ball with the National Federation authenticating logo which will be used in all State Championship Tournament matches and recommended for all tournament games. 

STATE TOURNAMENT STATE FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH SITES Class A – University of Southern Maine 8:30 p.m. Class B – University of Southern Maine 6:00 p.m. Class C – Brewer High School 1:00 p.m.  5 *If Classes A and B play at the same site on the same day, Class A will play first in odd numbered years and Class B will play first in even numbered years. 

STATE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH POSTPONEMENT POLICY The decision on whether or not to postpone a championship match rests solely with the committee members in charge of the game. The decision will be made after consulting with the site director. 

BANDS AND CHEERLEADERS Bands and cheerleaders cannot be accommodated. 

STATE PRELIMINARY, QUARTERFINAL, AND SEMIFINAL MATCHES All tournament preliminary and semifinal matches are to be played at the site of the higher seeded team provided that the home court meets the minimum requirements as outlined in the National Federation Rule book. If minimum requirements cannot be met, the game will be played at an available court which meets minimum requirements. If such a court cannot be obtained by the host school, the Volleyball Committee will name the site. Throughout the volleyball tournaments, teams MAY NOT use the court for warm-ups prior to one hour of the scheduled start of the contest. They may utilize one half of the court but not play over the net until their official warm-up time. Times for all tournament games will be 6:00 p.m. for weekday and 1:00 p.m. for Saturday games unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by the competing schools. The State Championship match times will be announced based on availability of the host venues. BENCH DECORUM Non-uniformed bench personnel should be dressed appropriately. No shorts or dungarees are allowed. 

AWARDS CEREMONY Teams accepting awards must be in their playing uniform or warm-ups. Teams may not wear championship apparel until after the awards presentations. Each team will receive 22 medals. 

ADMISSION FEES The admission fee for the preliminary and semifinal matches shall be established by the host school. The host school should advise the visiting school of the fee at least twenty-four hours prior to playing the game. After all expenses are paid by the host school, all profits will be divided equally between the schools. The admission fee for the state final match is $5.00 for students and senior citizens and $10.00 for adults. 

OFFICIALS 6 All regional matches will have two officials (two officials and two certified Line Judges). Officials will be assigned by the Volleyball Officials Assignors for the regionals and state championship matches based on the pool formed from coaches’ recommendations. For the regional finals and state championships, there shall be two officials, two adult line judges, a trained scorer and a Libero Tracker. Line judges will use flags in the tournament.

(posted March 7, 2020)