Equipment Requirements

  • Whistle & Lanyard
  • Net Chain
  • Pressure Gauge & Pump 
  • Red/Yellow Cards
  • Referee bag
  • Starter pack of the above items available from
  • Tossing Coin
  • Watch or Timing Device (minutes & seconds)
  • NFHS Rulebook (downloadable free via NFHS app; MAVO provides paperback)
  • Lineup Card and Pencil (optional)
  • Earplugs (optional, but strongly recommended)
  • Flags (optional, but recommended in case school does not supply them)

Uniform Requirements

  • Certified VB Official Shirt (white is the default, but crew may opt for blue or gray.)  Shirts available at,
  • Navy Pants & Black or Navy Belt (or Navy Skirt)
  • White Shoes & Socks
  • NOTE: Maine officials uniforms do not meet NFHS requirements. Instead they match college (NCAA) and club (USAV) rules.