MAVO uses ArbiterSports for our assigning platform. This provides officials with an effective tool for manage their assignments, obtain payment, and receive important communications from the assignor.

The ArbiterSports platform also has a valuable app for your phone that allows you to accept or decline assignments in real time. This is an invaluable tool for every sports official.

the arbiter sports app


One fantastic tool that all MAVO members should avail themselves of is the free Arbiter Sports app for their cell phone.

Every assignment appears on the screen either as an offer for a match, or as an accepted match. You will find all the details of your assignment so you never miss a thing. 

The items seen here in red are active links so you can text or call your partner, the assignor, or the school's sports administrator (athletic director). You can even get a link to GPS directions to the school, as well as the match fee for that particular match.

Once you've accepted the assignment, you'll be able to see who it is your partner will be for that match. Clicking on their name will open up your phone with the option to email, text or call them. This can be extremely handy when you're running a little behind schedule and need to let someone know you're going to be there, but a bit later than you'd planned.

Additionally, from the Arbiter Sports app, you can receive notices and messages from the assignor, a list of fellow officials with contact information, and access to Arbiter Pay, to transfer payments from your assignments to your bank account (optional)


The arbiter sports app


Each match has its own page, and since our high school assignments almost always include a JV/Varsity double header (sometimes a Freshman match can be added, you can click on each individual match to see if you are First or Second Referee, as well as the match fee and mileage for each one. 

Typically, the mileage fee is only shown with the first match of each assignment. The mileage is automatically calculated from the nearest post office in your home town to the school, so it may not match your actual mileage precisely. Mileage is not calculated from your workplace to the school.

The assignment page on the app lists the day, date, and start time for each match. it also lists the home team. The visitors are listed on the individual match page. If you click on the assignment you an see all of the details except for your partner, before you decide to accept it. 

A word to the wise: Don't turn back matches unless you absolutely have to. One way to keep the assignor happy (and keep your schedule filled) is to be available. Make sure your Arbiter profile is up to date, and that you've blocked any dates you're not available. By the same token, if you've previously blocked a date, but find that your schedule has changed and you are now available, make sure you unblock that date or dates as soon as possible.

It is a good idea to contact the school earlier in the day to see if there have been any changes made to the schedule you have. Occasionally, there will be a change in start time for your first match. This could be because the visiting team couldn't get transportation as anticipated. It could be that the home school gym or facility wasn't available early enough to set up for volleyball. It could be for a variety of reasons. If there is an issue the day of your match you should receive a phone call or text from the school's athletic director or their assistant. The key is to be flexible.